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Musical Heritage

How can you support music in your home and embrace your musical heritage?

  • Have your family start a discussion about the music of your culture and how it is woven into the fabric of your family life. Do you sing in church? Does someone play in a Mariachi band? Does the family belt out pop songs together at picnics?
  • Acknowledge the skills already owned. Who plays an instrument in the family? What is your favorite style of music and why? If you could learn any instrument what would it be? What do you hope to learn in music class this year? Who is your favorite musician and why?
  • Explore a variety of musical styles and venues. Whenever possible, go see concerts or free music in the park. Listen to a different radio station for 15 minutes and be open to how the music makes you feel. Our voice is our first most authentic instrument so above all: sing, SING, SING!

Learning to Play Dulcimers