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After School

Rio Grande Educational Collaborative (RGEC)

RGEC Website

  • When: 2:25–6 pm, Daily
  • Site Supervisor: Vanessa Morales

About RGEC

The RGEC is an after-school program being offered at Hawthorne.

At the RGEC after-school program, students are provided with a variety of activities and homework assistance. The staff gives assistance as necessary to the students to complete homework tasks and the materials to complete assigned tasks. There is constant communication with the school staff to monitor student educational needs.

Students are encouraged to read daily. Materials for self-directed creative projects are available as well as structured arts and crafts activities. Students have access to a variety of age and ability level appropriate board games, blocks and puzzles to assist with building sportsmanship skills during gameplay. They have access to a variety of equipment including sports balls, game materials and allotted space for active activities.